Library and Tech News

January 22nd, 2016

OPS Professional Journal Access

OPS has subscription access to a ton of online journals. They are organized all together on a LibGuides web page. It is a great resource for those of you who are taking classes as well as for your personal professional development. Please take advantage of it at

I have also added a Professional Journals tab to my Library Page on the Bryan Middle site.

The categories currently included are: General, Leadership, School Library, Early Childhood/Elementary, English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Math, Reading, Special Education, Specials/Electives, and Technology.

How to Fact Check the Internet by Brandi Bronson from Real Simple Magazine

"When online stories seem too good—or bad— to be true, they just might be, says veteran journalist and American Press Institute (API) staffer Jane Elizabeth. She offers tips for sniffing out the truth."

This quick one page article gives tips on situations like--what to do if you read a fishy headline; how prevalent is misinformation on the internet; how to respond to misinformation shared by friends and family on social media... It would be a great article to use before researching with students.

Common Sense Media

Just a reminder about the district partnership with Common Sense Media. As you look at apps, movies, television, music, etc... to use in your classrooms or view with your own children, it is a great resource! Parent reviews give age ratings and tell you ALL the details about the reasons for the decision. They also include parent and student reviews.

Our partnership also involves doing lessons with all of our students as we work towards our Common Sense Media certification. Thanks in advance to Computer Application/Human Growth and Development/Language Arts teachers for helping us meet this goal by supporting the use of the CSM modules!