6th grade technology

By: Zach Joslin

Typing Web

Typing Web is a site to improve on your typing.

We start every day on Typing Web for about 5 min every day.

I think that Typing Web is a fun way to get your typing in.


The iTrailer is a thing that lets you do what you want to do.

It can also express your creativity in meany ways.

I personally think its fun to work with and figure out .

Haiku Deck

The Haiku Deck is so fun because it a dream job so you can create your wildest dreams.

At the end we got to present our project .

I really liked it in its own fun way.

Explain Everything

in this project you have to explain a math problem form the list.

then you go to the microphone and record what your saying.

the math problems are ranked by level so if your good at math then go to the higher level.

Career Locker

for career locker you learn about jobs and how to get there.

i really didn't like it because its to long and boring .

every week theirs a super hero and you have to find him in one of the careers.


Coding is really just a game.

theirs a bunch of colors and you have to try to create a shape.

it was really fun to play because of the characters.