6 facts Why you should watch Anime

why not?

#1 what makes a good anime

Anime is normally based on a well crafted story or art. Many people say the anime has to be emotionally honest so the viewer has a connection with the characters. anime should have either a comedy, romance or just plain out serious. "I want to see a good anime with emotionally honest effect to make a connection between the character and thereby a connection to me."( Quora )

#2 IT's funny

Most Anime is funny, anime has all sorts of comedy in them even the most serious anime have something a little funny in between. Anime has brought happiness to so many peoples faces.

#3 Not just for geeks

Many people stereotype others based on what the watch or do. Well not very many people realize that even the most popular people could be watching anime. It not that uncommon to see something like that happen.

#4 Age doesn't matter

Anime is for all ages, most anime is rated like an average american TV rating at TV-G, TV-14 and TV-MA. Anime has no age limit you just have to find the right anime.

#5 Short Seasons

A lot of anime has seasons of maybe 13 episodes or less. That way anime watchers are not sticking with on show that last forever like walking dead or grey anatomy. People would have more time to do things they need to instead of worrying about the next episode.

#6 Good way to spend down time

When people have nothing to do or just need a break anime is a good way to get your mind off of things. Anime is fun relaxing and just plain out enjoyable. During down time people can watch one or two episodes, the episodes are only 25 or less minutes.


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