Tim Burton

Kayleigh Sebben,Becca Glaser

Tim Burton

An American film director,producer,artist,writer, and stop motion artist.

Drawings are mainly cartoons for creepy and scary movies for children.

Born-August 25,1958(56 years old)

Partner-Helena Bonham

Spouse-Lena Gieseke

Children-Billy Ratmond Burton,Nell Burton

Since 2012 he has directed 16 films

and produced 12.

Famous Work


Published:January 24,2002

Author:Neil Gaiman

"Coraline" Official Trailer

Where he started:

He made a lot of movies that he thought was interesting but no one else did so they weren't produced. Before he was famous he made silent films in his backyard. He made The Island of Doctor Agor when he was 13. He made several movies with Johnny Depp.His most famous films were Pee Wee's Big Adventure,Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,the 1989 version of Batman, Edward Scissor hands,and Beetjuice.