Henry Hudson

An Early Explorer


Henry Hudson was most famous for discovering the Hudson Bay, Hudson Strait, and the Hudson River, all named after him in his honor, while searching for a northwest passage to China.

Early Life

Not much is known about Hudson's early life. He was born in 1565 in the England Circa. His family was wealthy, and he must have been well educated and have studied cartography, navigation, astronomy, mathematics, and seamanship.

Reasons for Exploration

Henry Hudson explored for the England, Netherlands. He was trying to find a northern route to the Pacific coast of Asia, now known as the "Northwest Passage"


Hudson spent his time searching for new routes to Asia, but ended up finding new routes to a lot of places. He traveled by ship on his 4 voyages, Hopewell (1st and 2nd voyages), Half Moon (3rd voyage), and Discovery (4th voyage).
Hudson's routes (below).
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He died in 1611 in the Hudson Bay, North America, and no one knows for sure how he died. But he changed the world because the bay he discovered (the Hudson Bay) provided access to landlocked parts of western Canada and the Arctic, and that allowed the Hudson Bay Company to increase its trade and influence throughout North America.
Video about Henry Hudson (below)

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Henry Hudson went on his 4th and final trip and traveled from England on a ship called " Discovery", on this trip he discovered the Hudson Strait and the Hudson Bay.