Week 24: Peer to Peer Chat

Collaborating. Reflecting. Growing.

Using Open Ended Questions to Encourage Conversation in the Classroom

Whether you are a PK teacher or teach 5th grade and are looking for ways to encourage academic thinking and conversation, here are a few short Teaching Channel videos that are great resources to inspire you. In these videos, students are observed using sentence stems/frames as T asks open ended questions.

Video Picks this Week:

Open-ended Questions to Encourage Conversation Grade1 Math ELL class (3min20 secs)

Engaging in Productive Struggle: Number Talks Grade 2 Math ELL class (7m 22s)

Language Supports for Number Talks All Grades (2m 48 s)

Questioning is also a great way to provide feedback, which allows your students to think and reflect on their work.

Peer Feedback Ideas for Any Classroom

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