Faithful Followers


Valentines Day Meeting

Our meeting was a success. We learned that we should love everyone, anywhere, and at anytime. We are also working own strengthening our praying as whole.

Harley Drake - Leader

Harley is one of the leaders. She says this is a place where teens share a similar belief in God and can get together, worship, and learn to be closer to him. She wants others to know that this is a judgement free zone where everyone is welcome no matter what stage of the Christian walk your'e in or whether you haven't entered your Christian walk yet. She would most defiantly recommended this for teens.

What one person has to say about the group... Ryan Poulos

Ryan enjoys coming to the small group because he gets to learn about God with each other. He wants to learn more about God and learn to strengthen his prayer life. He says we have a lot of fun worshiping with God together in group of friends were hes comfortable.

Faithful Followers - Pancake and PJ Meeting

Friday, Feb. 26th, 7-9pm

Montana's Grandparents House