The Southeast The Place To Be

By: Ben


The Southeast region has some appellation mountains in 8 of there states and they are Maryland,West Virgina,Virgina,North Carolina,South Carolina,Alabama,Tennesse,Mississippi. Some other mountains are Blue rige Mountains and The Smokey Mountains. Great for hiking or being outside.

Southeast rivers

The major rivers of the Southeast region are the Mississippi river,Arkansas River,Red river,Sabine river,Chattahoochee river,Tennessee river,Ohio river,Cumberland river,Savannah river,Roanoke River,Potomac River. If you like boating this is the place to be.

Southeast Climate

The southeast region climate is mild and humid during the winters, the summer and spring has a morite and servere drought. And the Southeast region fall has heavy downpours. If you like warm weather you will love the southeast.

Southeast Region States,Major Cities

The States of the Southeast Region are Arkansas,Louisiana,Mississippi,Tennessee,Kentucky, West Virginia,Virginia,Maryland,North Carolina,Alabama,Georgia,South Carolina and Florida. The major cities are Jacksonville,Baltimore,Charlotte,Louisville,Washington D.C,New Orleans and Virginia Beach. Virginia beach is great if you love the beach. And if you like the Baltimore Ravens Baltimore is the place to be.

Whitewater Falls

A natural wonder of the southeast is Whitewater Falls is a water fall that plummets 411 feet down hill from downtown Asheville. WhiteWater Falls is located in North Carolina, Asheville. WhiteWater Falls became a tourist attraction by the falls becoming really popular and they didn't want any one to get hurt if they were trying to look, so they made it a tourist attraction. Whitewater Falls has a amazing view but it take a amazing 154 wooden steps (or take the car path). You can see the amazing 411 feet from the top. You can learn about the drop while your taking one of the trails up. I think that this is a great tourist attraction for the whole family.
Whitewater Falls, North Carolina

Natural Resources and Man made products

Some of the Natural Resources of the Southeast are Cotten,Sugar cane,and water providing shellfish and fish also lumber providing paper products. Some other man made products are G.E Refrigerators. The southeast is great if you like fishing.

Manufactured Products of the Southeast

Some Manufactured products of the Southeast are yellow pine which is used to make lumber and plywood it grows in most of the southeast region. Some other Products are Coca-Cola is made in Atlanta Georgia,North Carolina makes a lot of furniture and carpet. South Carolina builds Boeing Airplanes. Also in South Carolina Starbucks roosts Coffee Beans. Yum do you like star bucks hope you do because heres were they make it.

Southeast farming

The southeast region has a warm climate most of the year which is good for crops. Heavy rainfall enriches the soil which is good for farmers to grow a variety of crops like Wheat, , Chief Grain and corn. Do you like fresh corn, here in the southeast you can have it.

How people work in the Southeast

The people in the southeast work about 9% in construction and about 15% in health care and in manufacturing about 7% and in business services about 15%. thats some of the jobs of the Southeast.

Everglades Natiol Park

A Tourist attraction of the Southeast is Everglades Natiol Park is a part that protects more than 20 percent of the oringal everglades. Everglades natiol park is located in Florida, and has a avarge of visters of 1 million per year. The Everglades Natiol park brings people there because of the more than 20 percent of the oringal Everglades are procted. Some things you might see at the Everglades are alligators, rare birds, Slough Slogs and cypress domes. Some things you can do there are learn about the everglades or the amazing wild life. Also you can camp,canoe,bicycle tours,airboat tour or the gumbo limbo trail. I think this is a great tourist attraction for the hole family.
USA Great Outdoors- Everglades National Park - Florida