technology committee & empowerment

National Alternative Education Association - Technology Committee

Our mission is to...
  • Utilize technology with a purpose
  • Engage our NAEA constituents
  • Bring technology tools to NAEA national conference
  • Gather instant data
  • Empower our stakeholders visibility
  • Train technology immigrants
  • Yoke volunteer resources in students and adults

We look forward to a cooperative spirit of technology education in the fabric of our association.

NAEA Technology Committee Members

Richard Kerry Thompson - Chair - Michigan

John Holmes - Mississippi

Peggi Knight - Virginia

Kelly Messerly - Tennessee

Ben Gillett - Michigan

James Thompson - Michigan

U.S. Davidson - Georgia

Thank you

We wish to highlight the brilliant work that Vicki Brown gives to bring our NAEA to professional heights. As our webmaster she exudes the professionalism of the NAEA on the World Wide Web.

Thank you Vicki

Projects @ Hand

Projects @ Hand

1- Video Promo for 2014 Conference

2- Official App for Conference 2014

3- Tools Needed / Cost

Video Promo for 2014 Conference

Video Promo for 2014 Conference

A short YouTube video that will highlight the essence of the 2014 Conference.

This can be on our webpage and sent via email to all constituents , vendors, sponsors and potential connections in Non-Traditional and Alternative Education.

Note: I have created a NAEA Official You Tube Channel.

Vision: Have a series of YouTubes from our National Conference available.

Future: Have a live Stream NAEA Channel for world wide synchronicity

Draft copy of YouTube Below

NAEA 2014 Conference

Official App for Conference 2014



The APP can have as many or as few buttons, links as we desire.

I have created it it with different levels of

1- Information

2- User Interaction

3- Outside Links

Once it is finalized...

1- We send the link to download to our constituents

2- We have a Technology Table at the Conference with Tech Help

3- We have brief How To before keynotes etc...


Official App for Conference 2014

The vision of the Official NAEA Conference APP

Have one comprehensive APP for all links needed for conference

One App - 32 functions

  1. NAEA Welcome and Information - Website - Email - Address - Phone
  2. NAEA Conference Help Line - a number that can be called linked to phone
  3. Hotel Directions - Marriott Atlanta Venue - Map - Linked to Map on phone
  4. Conference Events - Info from Conference at a glance - link to device calendar
  5. Pre-Conference Events - Info on events - Map
  6. Keynote - Information , links, presentation links
  7. Breakout Session - Information on presenters
  8. Special Events - Links to performers, events etc.
  9. Evaluations - Workshops, Keynotes & Conference Evaluation to Google Form (Drawings)
  10. Backchannel - Link to live questions and Comments
  11. Count Me In - Link to Poll Everywhere for Constituent Interaction
  12. Live Album - Opportunity for all to submit photos during conference
  13. Sponsors - Information - Links to websites - Phone
  14. Exhibitors- Information - Links to websites - Phone NAEA
  15. Exhibit Hall Giveaway - Loyalty Card concept to win
  16. NAEA Member - Link to NAEA Website Member Form
  17. Conference Program - PDF
  18. Exemplary Practices - 2.0 - PDF of Document
  19. Endorsements - Letters of those who endorsed NAEA
  20. Alt Ed Associations - Links to all affiliates
  21. YouTube - Link to NAEA YouTube Channel for Contests and Keynotes Etc
  22. Twitter - Linked to NAEA Twitter account
  23. Facebook - Linked to NAEA Facebook Page
  24. NAEA Playlist - Linked to NAEA Sound Cloud - Conference Playlist - Songs of Hope and Challenge for Alternative & Non-Traditional Students
  25. Photos - Linked to Gmail Picasso for Conference professional Photos
  26. 2.0 Tech Tools to Share - Links to Brilliant Purposeful links to teach
  27. Symbaloo - A collaborative webpage for web links
  28. RSS Feed - To Education Week
  29. Live Stream - Future Live Video Stream
  30. App Creator - Link to have feed forward of App
  31. State Wide DOE Website - Links to NAEA page linked to State Departments
  32. National Dropout Coordinators

Additional Ideas

  1. Ntl. Alt Ed Org. - Links to other national Alternative Ed organizations
  2. NAEA Constituent Yearbook
  3. NAEA Resources

App Priorities

  1. Evaluations
  2. Help Line
  3. Directions
  4. Conference Events
  5. Interactive - Poll Everywhere / Live Album / Backchannel /Facebook / etc
  6. Sponsor

Photo of Actual App below

Big image
Big image

Push Notifications

Ability to send texts to App users throughout the Conference and year.

You can use our push notifications service to send targeted messages to your users and fans. Sending push notifications can be a great way to notify your users of upcoming events, news, promotions, and limited sales. You can even target specific user groups geographical location.

Preview and Test - TBA

Live Test

I will have a system in which we can live test the App prior to having it published.

You will need a SCAN App on your phone.

This will be available soon.

Conduit - Mobile link below

Getting Started with Conduit Mobile

Tools Needed / Cost

For Board Discussion & Motion...

1- Using Conduit Mobile - They upload to Apple, Android, Google Play, Amazon.

One time fee of $1,499 for life. (We may be able to get for ($1,000)

2- Poll Everywhere - $140 Per month

3- NAEA Computer - $800 Budget

First Official Meeting of NAEA Technology Comittee


January 16, 2014 - 5:40 PM - 6:20 PM EST

In attendance - Peggi Knight, Richard Thompson

  1. Introductions
  2. Utilize Smore webpage
  3. History of how committee came to be
  4. Overview of Projects at Hand
  5. Video
  6. App
  7. Question about Hotel Bandwidth
  8. Presenters, stakeholders and constituents interactive
  9. Twitter, Today's Meet, You tube, Live album
  10. Top priorities of App / Evaluations / Help Line / Directions / Conference Events / Interactive - Poll Everywhere / Live Album / Backchannel /Facebook / etc
  11. Sponsor / Vendor presence - links
  12. Fun
  13. Infrastructure of Tech Committee - at the conference / Tech help kiosk/ App installment at the registration / Making sure tech works in the presenters / Interactive gems throughout the Conference explanation.
  14. Ideas to consider - Computers available for evaluations / Photo of all who register with the Official NAEA banner behind, these photos them uploaded as NAEA Constituents and put into a You Tube
  15. Assignments / Peggi - Become the Twitter Queen / RKT continue App creation
  16. Needs - NAEA Phone Number / Data and presentations for upload / Next Meeting
  17. Thank you
  18. Adjoun


Questions @ Hand for Tech and AV at Conference 2014

In regards to specific questions about Tech and AV for the 2014 conference.

  1. Will the hotel have enough bandwidth for up to 500 people utilizing an app?
  2. Will there be a direct cable for internet for presenters and tech team
  3. Projectors – How many will be in the main room?
  4. Sound – How many microphones, what make, Kind hand held or lapel?
  5. Will be options to directly feed into the sound system for music?