Room 204 News #7

January 13

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Your student brought home a poem about Martin Luther King. We'll be performing this poem as a class for the MLK assembly on January 15 at 10am. You are welcome to attend this assembly.

Please put the poem in a special spot and practice it each night. If you can't find the poem, here is the link:


Due to the short week last week we are continuing our spelling review. During centers we will practice these commonly used words:






The class took a spelling inventory of unknown words last week and I am using the results to create word study groups. In the coming weeks your student's spelling words will be adjusted to meet his or her needs.

In math...

Last week students used a measuring tape to measure around their wrists and other body parts. Ask, how many inches around was your head?

Please send in empty paper towel rolls. We will be using these to construct number scrolls.

Cold weather continues...

Please remind your student to bring gloves/mittens and other winter gear. Students go outside for recess unless it is zero degrees, or the wind chill makes it feel like zero degrees. A doctor's note is required to stay indoors during recess. Place names in items if possible. We have gym every day except Tuesday, and students may leave gym shoes at school if you prefer.

Science Observations

What happens when you paint with water on a chalkboard? Where does this water go? Why does your hand feel warm and moist when you hold it over a cup of hot water? We are learning that water goes into the air, and water comes out of the air.

Also, talk to your student about the temperature. We make weather observations each day and it is helpful to discuss, what does a -10 degree feel like, compared to a 40 degree day? Ask, what do you think the temperature is when we want to go swimming or we get sweaty outside?

Recess Club

Ask your student about Recess Club. Each Monday, five students are chosen to go to the gym for fun and games during lunch recess.

Dates to Remember:

  • 1/15 MLK assembly at 10am
  • 1/20 no school, MLK day
  • 1/28 no school, teacher inservice