From Wood to Pencils

By: Johan Gutierrez


Hello women or kids and men have you ever wonder how wood is made ? to a pencil or bendy pencil well then read or tell your mom or dad to read it enjoy the the reading people ;]


The first thing your suppost to do is too cut the tree then split it in half then keep on cutting in to circles then keep on doing that till the end of the day then send it to the factory then the next day do the exzacked same thing each day you do it


First you put in carbon in a machine they let it in there for 3.40 min then they have a circle that is the carbon thats what i'm writing with.Your lucky day for you because in the past we did not have pencils wern't here we used fether


Then people buy it then when they get home they enjoy it

Fun Facts

your lucky because before in the past we did not have pencils we would use bird fethers with ink
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