Super Squid

Katie Vesey


Have you ever had a nightmare about a slimy, eight legged, giant eyed creature under the sea? Squids come in many shapes, sizes and colors. They are found all around the world.


Squids have a very unique appearance. They can be colors and weight. They could be 22-1,000cm and a giant squid weight a ton! They have a long head long body a mantle and arms they have eight tentacles. Some squid even some have ten. Also, they have two huge eyes that help them see in the dark. Their color vary is black grey blue and white. Thier skin is smooth. Giant squid are quite bigger than the average squids the average squid is around 43 ft and can weight up to a ton.


Some squids live in the deep dark arctic water and other live in the tropical waters. Giant squid live on the bottom of the water. Other big eyed creatures could even live in the gulf of Mexico. Most squids live in the gulf of Mexico, California, Japan,or the Pacific ocean. Also these smooth sea creatures mostly live alone. Also they could live in cooler waters or temperate waters.


Squids have a very interesting habitat and appearance . It is amazing how they can live almost anywhere in sea. Also, they have a appearance the is very unique and than other animals the squid have 8-10 tentacles and are could be more than four colors.Also squid have one of the biggest eyes in the ocean. They live in the deep cold Arctic Ocean or the clear warm waters of the Pacific Ocean. I would never want to run into a giant squid, they are very different, but scary to be around.