Mythological book ends!

Have A God guarding your books!

Sliver Arrow $15

Artemis/Diana is know for being a best huntress of the gods. So if you want your books being well guarded who is a better being than her with her perfect aim ready to take down any harm that might come to them. Her strength will keep your books in place no matter how many you have. Her ability to send plagues to human will come to anybody who tries to ruin your books as well as a possible arrow.

Trident $20

Have one of the most famous god guarding your books with this limited edition Trident book end!! With Poseidon by your books nobody will stand a chance. With his power of sending Earth quakes and rough storms nobody will think about twice about coming even 5ft close to your books.

Heart $21

Have Aphrodite melt people hearts who come inches to your books, and I mean literally. The only thing to worry about having her by your books is just makes sure she does not get jealous with you because what ever happens will be bad.

Tree $18

Have the goddess who bought the season to you, guard your books! Demeter will protect your books and search for any ones that are missing just like she searched for Persephone and make any deal necessary to get them back.

Sun $14

Everybody needs light to read in the dark so when the power goes out and you are at the climax of your book you will always have a back up plan. Apollo will assure you will have light 24/7 by your books. He will always make sure you can see your pages no matter what. Just assembled the sun emblem into the pieces of wood that we provide you.

Katana $18

Have Ares by your side with this special offer katana for only $18 Save 45%!! Ares the god of war will hunt for any suspects who may have done any damage or loss your books, but hopefully he will not kill the people who did harm to them.