Thermal Scans

Wednesday, April 23

What is Thermography?

From dental infections to pre-cancerous cell growth, digital infrared scans offer a jump start on preventative health.

Studio Gaia teams up with Medical Thermography of Metro St. Louis quarterly to host digital infrared thermal imaging (DITI) scans. DITI scans search for inflammation, lymph blockages, and abnormalities in body tissue. DITI can scan any or all areas of male and female bodies, and can be an especially powerful new tool in monitoring breast health and aiding in preventative health efforts.

The process takes about 30 minutes, and prices vary depending on the area of the body.

Areas available for scans are:
Breast ($175)
Half Body ($275)
Whole Body ($395)

or Area of Interest ($150)

Trained technicians administer the procedure (learn more about Medical Thermography of Metro St. Louis here), and the results are quickly reported by Duke University trained and certified doctors. The report, along with color images can be sent to your physician of choice to be evaluated and instructed for further care.

With Studio Gaia focusing more on overall breast health, this method of earlier detection is a crucial service to offer.

A change in daily routines at the first sight of abnormalities can reverse growth and reduce inflammation before aggressive tumors would ever be seen on other diagnostic tests. Certified DITI Technician, Kelly Bringle says “the scans are completely risk free and can detect changes and growth within two to four years, as opposed to mammograms which usually cannot show growths before 6-10 years of existence.” Satisfied participant, Rennae, left the scan room saying “it was painless, effective and easy.”

Studio Gaia emphasizes the daily care of the body through regular physical movement, mental wellness activities, raw or mildly cooked plant based nutrition, the use of natural oils, such as Groovy Booby Breast Care massage oil, and the periodic use of DITI scans to detect abnormalities and promote overall health.

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Thermal Scans

Wednesday, April 23rd, 11am-4pm

201 Hillsboro Ave

Edwardsville, IL