The Columbian Exchange

What It Means to You

Who Is Responsible for This?

Christopher Columbus

The exchange began as a direct result of his travels.

What Is It?

The movement of plants, animals, and people between the Eastern and Western Hemispheres.

Why Is This Important?

Do you like pizza? Thank the Columbian Exchange.

Do you like chocolate? Thank the Columbian Exchange

Do you like hamburgers? Columbian Exchange

Do you like oranges? Columbian Exchange

Soda? Columbian Exchange

Wool socks? Columbian Exchange

Bananas? Columbian Exchange

The list goes on and on.

It's Not All Good...

The Columbian Exchange also had harmful effects. The Europeans brought many diseases to the New World. The native people did not have immunity to these diseases and it caused epidemics. Within 50 years of Columbus's visit, almost all of the Taino had died from these sicknesses.

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