You and Me and Him

By Kate Dinnison


The genre of the story is realistic fiction. Although I have not seen it happen, it has probably happened somewhere in the world. It could have been based off a true story or experienced.


The theme of the story betrayal, forgiveness, and trust. Maggie betrays her best friend Nash, but he learns to forgive Maggie by trusting her though a life-threatening situation.


The protagonist of the story is Maggie Bower. Maggie and Nash are best friends who share everything, including Maggie’s ongoing battle with her mom over her weight and Nash’s care giving for his alcoholic mom.


The antagonist of the story is Tom. From the moment Tom stepped foot on the bus, we slowly teared the relationship Maggie and Tom had. Also every time he tried to fix it, he made their relationship even worse.

Maggie Bower

Maggie Bower is a seventeen year old girl who is very insecure about the way she looks. On page 23, she says: "I am not discussing my nutritious, dietary, and body with anybody I know!" When Maggie first entered high school, her mom had told her she was "fat," and Maggie took it to heart. Even though she isn't really fat, Maggie is very insecure about her body. Maggie's strengths are that she is very independent in her choices. On page 220, she makes her own decision on what she should do about her situation between Tom and Nash. She also isn't afraid to say what's on her mind. (page 204) When she was talking to the football team, Maggie told the guys to stay down or they will wish they didn't talk to her.


The setting of the story is in Cedar Ridge. It is important because when Tom met them it changed their friendship forever. In the story, Maggie. Nash, and Tom run around town and hangout at the coffee shops and restaurants.


The climax of the story is when Tom and Maggie kiss and Kayla spreading the rumor that it was way worst. The main conflict of the story is the friendship battle between Nash, Maggie, and Tom.The resolution was when Kayla apologized for the rumor and Nash forgiving Maggie for betraying him. Maggie experienced a conflict of "Man vs. Man" when she didn't know what to do and was fighting against her conscience.


I personally liked this book. I liked this book because it showed a story from people who don't have everyday personalities or characteristics.