Thursday Brief

May 9, 2019

Handbook Revisions

Here is the handbook. I have made some made some changes, but feel free to look through and let me know if you see any corrections that need to be made with content or grammar.

summer school & Retention-Reminder if you haven't done this yet.

Email Nikol names ASAP for Summer School or Retention and indicate "possible, probable, definite" for each name. Also, indicate for what area (Failed for Year (Subject), Reading Level (Reading Level). See Example Below.

Smith, John-definite-Will failed Reading for the Year and Reading Level L

High Sub Days-Reminder

May 13th and 14th


Tyler is doing a short song video but I'm still trying to come up with some kind of little skit...I think it's too late to organize more than that.

Here are some skit ideas so far---

Family Feud (3rd vs. 4th teachers)

Teacher Tube (but would have to involve some filming not sure I can get this done)

From Mrs. Hoover

Please read all your emails from Mrs. Hoover very carefully. They are regarding STAAR Testing.

Also this is the menu for testing days.

Menu for testing:

On 5/13 we will serve Chicken burger, cucumbers, carrots and an apple. On 5/14 we will serve Chicken drumstick, ginger Texas, celery, carrots and an apple.

One last copy of accommodations will be coming out today. It needs to be checked thoroughly by Monday, May 6, 2019.

From Mrs. Cristan

Please continue to actively monitor students while playing at recess.

** Issues at recess are increasing, please remind class of expectations.

Please take your radios to the playground.

** If you are needing additional batteries we have some in the office.

Please pick up students from the cafeteria on time.

** Cafeteria para. lunch times are being imposed on.

From Mrs. Villarreal

Teachers, please keep a look out for my emails.I will need to complete end of year 3rd grade ESL testing, a few 4th grade ESL, and make up GT testing (for those that were absent).

Also, start turning in your Anchored for Life “Crew Member” badges. Each teacher was given two at the start of the year. Please place them in my box in the front lounge.


2 PTO Meeting in Library at 5:30

2 3rd Grade Sneak Peek at 6:00

5 Cinco De Mayo

6-10 Teacher Appreciation Week

6-10 Teacher Requests

7 Paraprofessional Appreciation Day

8 School Nurse Appreciation Day!

10 STAAR Pep Rally

11 Lemonade Day

12 Mother’s Day

13 STAAR MATH (3rd & 4th)

14 STAAR READING (3rd & 4th)

May Birthdays!

May 1 Mrs. Ortiz

May 1 Amy Brock

May 5 Angela Paxton (Military Counselor)

May 11 Erin Steward

May 23 Jessica Garcia

May 27 Brigette Fordyce

May 28 Roxann Steinbruck

May 30 Donna Kesselring


Nutrition Environment and Services

Explore Fruits and Vegetables with a Garden Detective

If you’re trying to persuade your students to give broccoli, eggplant or kiwi a try, the U.S. Department of Agriculture may be able to help. The agency has 11 “Great Garden Detective Adventure” lessons for third and fourth graders. The lessons encourage students to sample new fruits and vegetables. Download PDFs of the lessons today.

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If you see one of these and don't need it bring to Nikol.

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