Overcoming Disabilites

Hudson Roney Period 1 & 2

Analysis of the Development of Theme

In Freak the Mighty, characters are introduced; Max and Kevin. They have physical and mental disabilities. Which introduces the conflict. They have to learn to overcome their problems, despite their disabilities. For example, in the book, Max and Kevin (Freak) go to school, and they stand out for their differences. People put themselves above Max and Kevin because it makes them feel better about themselves. This is the problem that develops the plot. In the book, Max uses his fully functional body to carry Kevin (who has growth problems) and they become Freak the Mighty. Using each other to overcome their disabilities. Which is the message that I think the author wanted to get to us.

Reflection and Application of Theme

I couldn't agree more with the authors message that he was trying to get to us. I think that he developed it throughout the whole story. He helped me understand what it would be like to be the one with the disability. He did this by telling it through Max, and his challenge of learning with a mental disability. He brought us into the character's minds to help us see what happens to people every day. In my opinion, this is very relevant to what happens to people today. Because people like Max and like Kevin are treated poorly. Making it even more challenging for those people. This is relevant to my life because I think the author related it to what happens to other disabled people every where.


Max and Freak are different than others. Freak has birth defects resulting in a growth problem that requires him to wear leg braces. And Max is mentally challenged. They go to school and kids make fun of them. They are bullied to this day. But together, they are like two halves come together. They can accomplish great things. They joined and became Freak the Mighty because they worked well together. They taught each other great things so they could be better off on their own. Max becomes smarter and Freak becomes unfazed by his disability. Freak suddenly passes away because of his disability. But now Max can do things on his own that he never knew he could.

Rodman Philbrick

Born in Boston Massachusetts and is currently living in Maine and Florida. Before he became a full time writer he was a longshoreman and a boat builder. Two of his most popular children's books are Freak the Mighty and Max the Mighty. Some of his other works are Cyberpunk, Last Book in the Universe, and REM World. He will be publishing The Big Dark in 2016.