St. Peter Museum of Fine Arts

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Special Exibits!

This year at the museum, the museum has one of the oldest clocks in the world at our museum! One of the oldest Pair of Eyeglasses! One of the first ever muskets created! Also what the first matches!

Glasses and lenses

This Invention shortly the printing press. Peoples eyes we getting worse because they were reading printed words on paper.

Pictures of Glasses and lenses

Clocks through time

A little about clocks!

The word clock is derived from the Celtic word clagan and clocca meaning bell. A clock used to be called a Timepiece. The clock is one of the oldest human inventions. A grandfather clock is a tall freestanding, weight driven pendulum clock. These clocks are normally six to eight feet tall. These grandfather clocks made there biggest impact in the 1850s. Todays modern clocks are digitized and we can carry them in our pockets


The Musket was the first usable rifle that could be used in battle, developed in Spain in the 1500s, could fire a metal ball that would seriously hurt someone , the first musket was very large and weighing 40 pounds and 6 feet long, very hard to use.


Match History

Match refers to the length of cord or wood and impregnated with chemicals and able to burn continuously. the Match was created in 1366,and these sticks would have sulfer on top of them to ignite the fire.