New York University

New York City, NY

NYU Bobcats

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Requirements for NYU & Classes to Take for a Journalism Major

SAT- Math -- 650 - 759

Critical Reading-- 630 - 730

Writing-- 660 - 750

ACT- Between 29 & 31

Organizations & Clubs I Want to Join

- Choir

- Literary Magazine

Class Required

  • 2 Lectures
  • 3 Skills Courses
  • A minimum of 3 electives
  • Social Science
  • Humanities
  • Mathematics
  • English (including Composition)
  • Philosophy
  • Foreign Language
  • Science (bio or physics)
  • History

New York City & University Population

City - 8,405,837

University - 53,771

NYU is located in a urban area.

NYU Facts

  • Out of all who applied only 32%of people were accepted into NYU.
  • NYU is a private school

Subjunctive Notes

- ar Verbos / -er -ir Verbos

-e -emos -a -amos

-es -eis -as -ais

-e -en -a -an

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W - wishing, wanting, hoping

E- emotions, feelings

I- impersonsal expressions

R- request, recommendations

D- doubts, denial, uncertainty

O- orders, commands

Subjunctive Formula

subject _____ verb____+ que+ subject____verb____

Dos verbos

Dos diferencias

Uno incertidumbre


W- Mi mama y papa queiron que you vaya la universidad.

E- Mi mama y papa sentan que extremadamante orgulloso de mí.

I- Es probale que mí y mis amigos se vayamos la universidad.

R- Mi hermano y hermana recomenden que yo hacerio lo mejor posible en universidad.

D- Yo dubo que mi mama y papa estan feliz acercade me deje la universidad.

O- Mi mama comando que yo vaya la universidad.