CSD 2020-2021 Back to School Plans

Dear Parents, Staff, and Community Members,

10 Words - The Decision

CSD will open on August 17 with students learning virtually.

100+ Words

The Board of Education voted Tuesday, July 14, to delay the start of school to August 17 for PreK-12 students, and they endorsed the district leadership’s plan for PreK-12 students to participate in virtual learning through September 25. The Board also voted to eliminate the fall break scheduled for September 21-25. We will continue to monitor community spread and mitigation efficacy to determine our learning approach after September 25. A decision on whether to maintain virtual learning or transition to a hybrid or in-person model beyond September 25 will be made and communicated to the community on or before September 18.

This was an incredibly difficult decision, and we understand the impact this will have on our families, students, and staff. This plan is the outcome of examining local data on the rising number of COVID-19 cases and ineffective community mitigation, reviewing guidance from state and local health agencies, reviewing survey results from parents and staff, discussing options with stakeholder groups, and reading the numerous emails from concerned parents, students, and staff. Ultimately, we determined that, at this time, we cannot safely open schools with in-person instruction. PreK-12 students and staff will start the school year in a fully virtual learning setting.

There will be no changes in return-to-work dates for teachers and other staff. The delay in students’ start date will allow additional time for preparation and professional learning for teachers as well as supplemental training for support staff so they can provide additional support for our students in the virtual learning environment.

The presentation shared with the Board of Education is available here. The District and schools will share additional information regarding virtual learning plans in the coming days.

We are collaborating with community partners to identify ways we can support families and staff during this difficult time, and we will share more information soon.

For additional information, visit www.csdecatur.net/opening2020.