Pasquotank River Basin

By:Eric and JJ


The river basin is located in the Atlantic Slope Drain and the headwaters of the Pasquotank River Basin is located in Virginia.The Mouth of the Pasquotank River Basin is located in Albermarle-Pamilico Sound.

About the Pasquotank river basin and its area

There are 3,635 square miles of streams and rivers in the Pasquotank river basin.There are 118,913 people living in the Pasquotank river basin area as of 2000.The places that are popular or famous to this area would be the Black Island Lighthouse, Cape Halteras National Seashore, Dismal Swamp, and Lake Phelps.

Non point and Point source pollution

There are many non-point source pollution and point source pollution.For non-point source there are Agricultural problems with animal operations another non point source would be storm water.To try and solve the storm water problems there has been 51 general storm water permits passed.Point source pollution includes industrial facilities and waste water treatment plans.There has been 34 permitted waste water discharges.