Friday Flyer

Second Grade

Dear Second Grade Parents,

We hope you had an enjoyable and restful break! Now that we're refreshed, we started the week with a flurry of activities. We are continuing our work on fractions by exploring parts of a whole by using pattern blocks. For book clubs, each group is reading a story set in the Southwest. Mrs. Kaufman's group is reading The Desert Is Theirs by Byrd Baylor. Ms. Holzer's group is reading Turquoise Boy by Terri Cohlene. Mrs. King's group is reading Annie and the Old One by Miska Miles.

The children had a fun robotics session with Mrs. Opdahl and Mrs. Stifel. Children worked in pairs or in groups of three to create an "artbot," a robot that could draw and create a Venn Diagram. It was exciting for us to hear words of success like "We did it!" after the creation of the finished product.

The biggest news of the week is the revealing of each child's state for State Hats Day. Now that your children know their states, please start working on your hats and thinking about your state snacks at home. Please contact us if you need some ideas for hats or recipes. Because our theme is "State Hats Fashion Show" this year, we will need to know information about the hats (style, where they were purchased, from whom they were borrowed, items on the hat) at least one week before State Hats Day on Friday, April 29th.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Emilia and Rachel