Making Pink Hair Dye

By Makayla Clark


Here's the ingredients you will need. The ingredients are:newspaper or old towels,old clothes,Gloves,food coloring,clear or white hair gel,an empty container,2 shower caps,hair clips,a comb,aluminum foil and Tape.

Steps to Dying Your Hair

Here are the steps you will need to follow to dye your hair pink with food coloring. 1.You will need to get your work space ready by putting down newspaper or old towels over a hard surfaced floor, not carpet. 2.You will want to put on old clothes and gloves so you don't stain your good clothes.
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3.You will mix red food coloring with white or clear gel in a small container to cover your hair with. You will add as many drops of food coloring as you want to the gel to make the color pink you want. The more drops you use, the the darker the color will be. If you use too many drops, it will look red so be careful.
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4.You will put the dye in your hair without wetting it. If you just want streaks in your hair, then you will have to follow these steps. Separate the hair you want dyed from the hair you don't want dyed with clips. Put a shower cap over your hair and poke small holes in it to pull your hair through. Use tape to fix a hole if you make a hole too big in the shower cap. Pull your hair that you want dyed through the holes and put the dye on that hair. Wrap the strands or hair in aluminium foil and tape it to the shower cap. Put another shower cap over your head.
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5.You will leave the dye in for 30 minutes if you have blonde hair or up to 5 hours if you have dark hair.
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6.You will wash the dye out in the shower with lukewarm water but don't use shampoo and conditioner or it will wash it out right away. 7.Blow dry your hair on low. 8.Don't wash your hair for two more days to let the color fully set.

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