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Mrs. Schleicher's & Ms. Rosenberg's Newsletter 11/16-11/24

I really enjoyed meeting with you all during conferences! Thank you for being such wonderful partners! The next two weeks are full of getting ready for Kabbalat HaSiddur, Spirit Week, Hanukkah, and more! I can't believe the first half of the year is almost over! Wishing you a happy, healthy, and safe Thanksgiving! I am very thankful for you and your children! I look forward to seeing the kids all dressed up next week showing off their spirit!

Weekly Note from Mrs. Schleicher

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What Did We Learn This Week?

Language Arts

We did not start a new spelling rule since we have had 2 short weeks. In grammar, we worked on possessive nouns and when to use the 's appropriately. We worked on Unit 6 in vocab, but we will not be tested until after the Thanksgiving holiday. We continued to practice our handwriting and how to form our letters correctly/ neatly. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, each of us wrote kind words to our classmates on feathers. Then, put a turkey together with all of the feathers. We called them Thankful Turkeys. We read a story called Molly's Pilgrim and Turkey Trouble.


In math, we have barely scratched the surface on regrouping. We seem to have a strong grasp of regrouping to the 10's, then onto the 100's and 1000's. Lots more to come after Thanksgiving break!

Judaic Studies

Our first time studying in our chavruta went very well. Though at first the experience seemed a bit foreign to the class, with time and my support they were able to have some great discussions. We read Exodus 1:8-14, as a class as well as in our chavruta, with a focus on the difference between the Pharaoh of Joseph and the new Pharaoh. Specifically, the treatment of the Jews by each of the Pharaohs. We also took note and spoke about B’nei Yisrael and their evolution from the Children of Israel (Jacob) into a nation.

This week’s lesson focused on the work of a Sofer (Torah scribe). We learned about the customs and Jewish laws associated with this position of writing the Torah. This skill of writing Torah scrolls comes with many years of practice, however to experience what it may be like to write in Hebrew with a quill and ink we tried it out ourselves. It was very eye opening to the students and I think they gained a new appreciation for the skill as an art form. They began with some practice and then tried to write their Hebrew names. Yes, with a quill and pot of ink! It was a lovely experience for all involved. Here are some facts we learned about the Sofer:

1.) This position / skill is traditionally passed through family lines or one attends a special school.

2.) A Sofer may not write from memory and must say each word aloud before writing it.

3.) In traditional Judaism a Sofer is usually a man, but can be a woman.

4.) The Torah contains 304, 805 letters.

5.) The Sofer’s name always remains anonymous.

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving break!


Dear 2nd grade parents,

In Hebrew class, these past 2 weeks, we practiced the cursive letter ש (shin) with the verbs: יוֹשֵׁב(sitting), שָׁר (singing).

We read a related story and answered comprehension questions in writing about it.

We practiced saying “thank you” -- תודה in Hebrew.

Going into the Thanksgiving holiday, here is an app you may want to consider using with your child while on vacation:

Heb cursive – fun way to practice writing Hebrew cursive letters:

Shabbat shalom and happy thanksgiving,

Galia Sabbag

Important Dates

11/24- December lunch orders due

11/25-27- Thanksgiving holiday, no school

12/4- All School Rock Shabbat

12/7- Siddurim need to be turned into me (we will put a plastic cover on it unless yours is already stitched on it)

12/8- 2nd grade Hanukkah party, 1:45-3 (parents invited)

12/11- Kabbalat HaSiddur-8-10:30 AM

12/18-Noon Dismissal and beginning of Winter Break

1/4- School Resumes from winter break

1/29- our class leads Kabbalat Shabbat

4/19- our class' Passover Seder

Spirit Days next week....

Lower School

Monday 11/30 University Day

Tuesday 12/1 Head to Toe in your favorite color

Wednesday 12/2 Dress like your favorite story book character

Thursday 12/3 Dress up in your furriest, funniest and friendliest monster attire

Friday 12/4 Spirit Wear – Jeans or Davis Uniform Bottoms with any Davis top

Noteworthy News!

Mystery Reader

Thank you to our mystery reader, Liron Shantzer

Book Fair News

Our fall "Monster" book fair is coming up! Explore the great collection of books beginning the afternoon of December 3rd through the 9th. Have your child join in the fun by dressing up in their furriest, funniest and friendliest monster attire on Thursday Dec 3rd.

Happy Birthday to....

Book Buddies

We had fun with our book buddies making thankful frames! Here is Miles with his book buddy, Beni!