What's New In C2

February 23-March 4

Curriculum Corner


Looking ahead, this week our leaners will be focusing on the author's purpose of nonfiction text, as well as 5 W's plus How.

[Identify the main purpose of a text, including what the author wants to answer, explain, or describe.]

[Ask and answer such as who, what, where, when, and why to demonstrating of key details in a text.]

For additional practice, please see the link below:


Cursive- We are more than halfway through the year! If you would like to assist your learner with additional practice, please do not hesitate to utilize some of the resources below.

Resources for Home


Looking ahead, we are diving deeper into 2 step word problems. We are focusing on these skills through whole group, small group, and number talks. We will continue to focus on this through next week to ensure that they have true understanding of this standard.

Current standards:

2-OA1 Use addition and subtraction within 100 solve one - and -two step word problems involving situations of adding to, taking from, putting together, taking apart, and comparing unknown number to represent the problem.

Upcoming Standards

2.MD.7 I can write and tell time to the nearest five minutes on an analog or digital clock.

2.MD.7 I can use a.m. and p.m. properly when telling time to the nearest five minutes.

2.MD.8 I can create and solve money words problems using quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies.

Other things you can work on:

Fact Fluency- Use flash cards, Front Row, or you can ask your child various single digit math facts

Money- Knowing the value of each coin, learning to add them up

Time- To the nearest 5 minutes or minute (to the minute would be EVEN better to prepare them for 3rd!)

Regrouping - Knowing when to borrow from the tens place and carry (Addition and Subtraction).

See the picture below for great strategies to help your child practice subtraction with regrouping!
Big picture

Below you will find some parent tips to support 2nd grade math and some FUN ideas you can do as a family.

The BarnWhites Family

History In Our Nation Project!

Our learner's have did an amazing job on teaching us about their historical figure, and the impact they've had on our nation!

The Petting Zoo

Our learners loved every moment of the Petting Zoo! It was such a sweet event for all.

Davis Family

Lee Family

Franklin Family

Moore Family

Steindorff Family

Lead Learner Wishlist

Throughout the year, our classes will be doing a variety of activities that will require or be enhanced by certain materials. Some families ask how they help from time to time. Below each lead learner has listed items that would be used for classroom activities and projects. Thank you!

Mrs. Barner - Erasers

Mrs. Davis - recess toys, eraser caps

Mrs. Franklin -http://a.co/3ZBnxQD

Miss Lee - http://a.co/hLoZLNt

Mrs. Moore - https://amzn.com/w/IEF5B4GF3FJ

Mrs. Steindorff - Recess toys, Lysol spray


Miss Whiten - https://amzn.com/w/1QO630RUM8FET

Thank you!

We would like to take the time thank each and everyone of you for coming out to support our C2 learners on Thursday, February 22nd for our American Symbols Presentation. Our learners have worked extremely hard and truly did an amazing job!

Mark Your Calendar!

March 1 - Read Across America (wear college t-shirt)

March 9 - Charlotte's Web field trip money due

March 12 to 16 - Spring Break

March 19 - Spring Parent Conferences (as needed)

March 30 - No School

April 13 - Field trip to Davis Theater "Charlotte's Web" ($14)

April 20 - McWane Center money due

May 10 - Field trip to McWane Center ($37)

Hoops for Heart


Hoops for Heart kicks off this week at PRES! Last year, we raised over $5000 for the American Heart Association and came in 14th out of over 100 schools in our region! This year, we want to do even better. So, C-K, C1, and C2 parents are asked to register their C-K, C1, or C2 Learner online at heart.org/jump. Donations will be done online so the sooner your child registers, the sooner they can start collecting donations and earning prizes!

Read Across America Week!

This upcoming week, we are beginning our Read Across America Kick Off! We are encouraging our parents to come out and read to our learners. Each of our Lead Learners will be creating a Sign-Up for select times. If you are available, please come out and share the love of reading with us. For more information, please ask your child's Lead Learner.

Additionally, on Thursday, March 1st, we will be celebrating "Oh the Places You'll Go" by wearing our favorite college t-shirt. So be sure to join in the fun!

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Nancy's Italian Ice on Wednesdays!

Don't forget - Pike Road C6 students will be selling Nancy's Italian Ice! There will be one flavor of the week, and students must bring $2 on Tuesday to have one waiting for them on Wednesday afternoons at 2:00!

PTSA Popcorn Fridays

In case you didn't hear! This is the 1st Friday of every month! You can send in $2 for popcorn and $3 for popcorn and a juice if you haven't already bought it for the rest of the year! :)
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Important Information

School Operating Hours

School Start Time: 8 AM

School End Time: 3 PM

Community 2 "Specials" Block:

12:29 - 1:14

Community 2 Lunch Block

Barner/Whiten: 11:05 - 11:30

Davis/Moore: 11:09 - 11:34

Steindorff/Lee: 11:13 - 11:38

Franklin: 11:17 - 11:42

**Breakfast $2.00

**Lunch $3.50