Online Pop Ups



I took a stab at online pop ups in my first 6 months of being a merchandiser with C+I, and I couldn't understand how anyone was making any money doing these things. Mine were fail after fail and so I decided that I was done wasting my energy with the online model. I focused on in home pop ups and earned my way past 30K in lifetime sales without popping up online. What I didn't realize back then was that I had no online model. I was winging it each time and my lack of preparedness yielded bad results.

I decided to try to figure this thing out...

So about a few months ago, a mock online pop up "model" was created by a merchandiser in the Mid Atlantic and was shared with me. I thought it looked interesting, and I decided to spend some time making it my own by copying and pasting her sample posts, along with my sample posts, to a word document. I then opened up a file full of graphics that went with each post. (post 1, graphic 1, post 2, graphic 2, etc.) After about an hour, I had a great looking script. That was just the first step. I then created 2 videos. My first video was my 3 minute commercial. My second video was showcasing some of our convertible jewelry. My goal was to get these videos up 2 days before the pop up began.

I decided to try to book an online hostess to give it a try. I explained to my new hostess that her role was very important and could make or break the pop up! It was her job to hype up the event and get her network online at the same time the night we begin the pop up. I explained it is called a "Power Hour Event Kickoff." I told her to share that I will be doing a raffle, giving away a Starbucks gift card, we will be playing games. I promised her that the hour will go by very fast and I guarantee that her guests will have fun.

Next Steps...

  1. I set up a Facebook group. I like the group vs. an event because you can see who is viewing your posts.
  2. I sent my hostess an email for her to copy and paste to her guest list to invite them to the group. I like when they "choose" to join vs. when we just add them to something they didn't ask to be added to. My sample email is below.
  3. In both of my videos, I share how important it is that everyone joins me and engages by commenting and liking my posts during the Power Hour. I explain how there is nothing worse than me posting to an online event and having no engagement from my guests.
  4. 2 hours before the pop up begins, I post a 2 hour warning. 10 minutes before the pop up begins, they get their second reminder.
  5. Once it starts, I hold my breath and pray that people will show up. If your hostess has been coached and is truly involved, I am finding that they do show up. Sometimes it take 5 and even 10 minutes for them answer to the roll call, and that's because my hostess is private messaging those who said they'd be there and aren't responding. They eventually respond because of my hostess involvement.

Do you see a trend?

Hostess coaching is the number 1 way to a successful online pop up!
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Sample email sent to hostess for her to send out to her guests...

Hey friends and family!!

I will be hosting a Chloe and Isabel jewelry party ONLINE on Facebook and hope you will join the party here:

Just click the link above and click join.

Here's how it will work:

On Tuesday, Sept. 15th at 9 pm EST, put the kids to bed, throw on some comfy clothes, grab a glass of wine or drink of choice, grab your computer/smartphone and tune in to our LIVE 1 hour kick off virtual party on Facebook. We will play some games and your participation will earn you raffle prizes. My friend, Talie, and I will share some of our favorite jewelry pieces from Chloe and Isabel with you! These beautiful and affordable pieces, which I love and already own several myself, are all backed by a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. All pieces are nickel-free, hypoallergenic and lead safe. Each piece is designed in the USA in NYC!

If you can't make it for the actual 1 hour virtual party, you can still join the party online and check out the posts when you can find time. The shopping event will be open for several days. The Power Hour is a kick off to the event and an opportunity for you to win prizes.

Use this special link for the event to have a sneak peek:

This online party is going to be lots of fun and the jewelry is great! I own several pieces and I love them! I'll be posting some selfies of my jewelry on the Facebook party page! Hope you can make it - if not, still feel free to browse and order your jewelry later in the sure to use the included link! It's

the special link for my party guests!

See you online on Sept 15th, 9pm!! :)

So that's it!

If you haven't been added to one of my past online pop ups, please ask to be added. The posts are all out of order, but if you scroll through, you can get a good idea of how I ran the power hour. Do what I did, copy and paste your favorite posts to a word document. Get a script ready and make your online pop ups successful. If I can do it, you can do it!

Good luck,