Colorado Mountain College


School Information:

CMC is located in many places in Colorado but the CMC in Glenwood Springs seems like the best one to go to. For the Bachelors degree I want in Literature, I need to have four years of college, expenses include first year living on campus, books and supplies and tuition out state for all four years is estimated to be 58,132. To get into CMC it is a process of filling out an application and submitting school transmits, taking the accuplacer placement test and scheduling an appointment with a college counselor.

Fun things to do in Glenwood Springs Colorado:

The weather in Glen wood Springs can be sunny, sometimes snowy and rainy but there is so much to do! Hiking and biking is beautiful in this city, for the mountain range makes for a wonderful hike. River rafting and tubing is set for people that like excitement and the ATV off road tours also! This place is surrounded by mountains, rivers and trees a very beautiful environment. Zip line parks are available along with parasailing and paragliding. Glen wood springs is a place filled with one adventure after the next!

How do you plan on paying for college?

I plan on paying for college by saving up money and getting a job, also my parents said they would help me save up money if I wanted to go to college and CMC has an arranged payment plan they go over with you before you begin schooling.

Out of state schooling, why?

I love the area of where this college is located and I want to live in Colorado, so why not school there? They have a great offered classes for English bachelors degree to match a career in writing that I want. CMC teaches their students with nature and has a 12:1 teacher to student ratio. Also data shows that more than 62 percent of students come from out of state to go to CMC!


The FAFSA from is completed on the web as soon as the new semester begins, or as soon as possible!

High School Goals:

Goals for my upcoming years of school is to take more serious consideration of my future and to get a job and save up as much money as I possibly can and also look into different programs and take AP English as a senior to look good when I'm applying for CMC.
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Classes offered that potray to my career:

At CMC they offer a numerous amount of classes for different schooling. The classes they offer that interest me include creative writing, American Literature and English Composition. CMC seems like a great college that benefits there students.