Boa Constrictor

By: Callie Arcidiacono


SSSSSSSSSSS! Do you hear that? It is the sound of a Boa Constrictor HISSING AT YOU! In this report you will learn all out what Boa Constrictors look like, where they live, what they eat and much more! SSSSSS! Uh Oh! Now it's hissing at me! It is going to swallow me whole! I hope you like the report! CRASH! SSSSSSSS!

Appearance & Classification

The Boa Constrictor has different lengths depending on where it lives. It is around 18 feet long. It's length in Venezuela and Trinidad is about 20 feet long. In Central America, a Boa Constrictor can be about 10 feet long. While in Hog Island, they would only be about 3 feet long. Imagine this, a Boa Constrictor in Venezuela or Trinidad (20 feet long) would be about the size of a small bus and one in Central America is (10 feet) about the size of 5 school desks and one in hog island (3 feet long) that is about the size of a TV. The snakes height is about three feet.

The colors of a Boa Constrictor can be yellow, red, green, light pink or tan.(Depending on the environment they are living in) The snake can have circles, diamonds or ovals on the body. Like an anaconda, the Boa Constrictor would weigh around 500-600 pounds. I would not want to be picking that up! It has rough scales on its skin. That gives you a clue that a Boa Constrictor is a reptile.

One cool thing about the snake is that, even though the Boa Constrictor is a very deadly animal, it does not have venom in its body. That is because it does not need venom. I could kill you by suffocating you. Still, even though it does not have or need venom I bet you would not want to be near one at all!


Boa Constrictors are found in Northern Mexico, Venezuela, Trinidad, Central America and Hog Island. The climate is hot. The Boa Constrictors home is tropical. They can be found in trees or on the ground. If I ever saw a Boa Constrictor slithering up a tree, I'd run as fast as I could! Lets hope that's what you would do!

Predator & Prey

This snake is a carnivore. A carnivore is a animal that only eats meat. The Boa Constrictor does not have any predators or enemies except humans. A problem for the boa constrictor is that animals will eat its eggs.

Since the Boa Constrictor can live in trees, it will climb a tree and that is how they would get away if something even tries to hunt one. Other than that they will just eat them. The Boa Constrictor eats anything it can catch such as, lizards, birds, frogs, capybaras, wild pigs, monkeys, deer and kangaroos. The snake usually finds its prey in the water because when the prey goes for a drink of water, the snake will spring out, suffocate their prey until the cannot breath any longer. Then they will eat their prey.

Fascinating facts

These are some really cool things about the Boa Constrictor. The Boa Constrictor can swim. I mean, I've seen snakes in the water but seeing a huge and heavy snake swimming the water! Also the Boa Constrictor can have as many as 60 babies. Imagine having to care for 60 children! The Boa Constrictor can have a life span to as much as 25-30 years! That snake will also swallow its prey whole! I would not want to be near a Boa Constrictor ever in my life! Unlike people, the Boa Constrictor is cold-blooded. That means it has to warm up in the sun to survive. Also, very surprizingly, the Boa Constrictor can be a pet! I have to admit that is crazy!




"I hope you liked reading my report! I worked really hard on this. Maybe some day you could have a Boa Constrictors for a pet! Just make sure you don't go near him when he is hungry! Uh Oh! I guess he is hungry, better watch out the Boa Constrictor is coming to eat me again! AAAAHHH!" CRASH! BOOM! CRASH! SSSSSSSSSSSSS!