SMS Science Fair 101

My Kid Has a Science Fair Project???

ALL Students Have To Do Science Fair Projects This Year!

Hey Parents,

Science Fair Projects are due this week! How is your child coming along? Contact the teacher directly if you have any questions about the projects.

Are You a Science Guy or Gal? We Need YOU as a judge!

Calling all parents and community partners with a science background OR a love for science to help judge this year's science fair. We will need around 20 volunteers a day for a little over an hour each day. We will need volunteers January 19, 20, and 22nd. Can you help us out? Sign up below.

When's the Science Fair?

Students selected to participate in the School-wide Science Fair will present on the following dates:

6th grade- 1/19/16

7th grade- 1/20/16

8th grade-1/22/16