Local Control Accountability Plan

MidYear Report Olympian High School 2015-2016

LCAP -- Local Control Accountability Plan

The Sweetwater Union High School District will be using the following four LCAP goals for 2016-2017:

1. Ensure excellence in teaching and learning so each student is prepared to succeed in college and career.

2. Create a safe and healthy environment for each student by building a culture of equity and a positive climate that promotes excellence throughout the district.

3. Foster and honor parent/guardian and community engagement to support excellence in each student's success.

4. Develop coherent and transparent systems for operational excellence to support each student's success.

Single Plan for Student Achievement -- Olympian High School

Currently, we are operating under the SPSA plan that was approved last May 2015. The SPSA is also referred to as the "school site plan." Typically, SPSA plans are reviewed and approved twice a year (November/May). However, due to all the changes in our LCAP, this year the plan was only approved/reviewed one time. Furthermore, the SPSA can be accessed and reviewed on Olympian High School's website: olh.sweetwaterschools.org. Professional development requests and supply requests are both reviewed and approved based on the action steps found in the SPSA and supplemental funding availability. Hence, make sure that you are familiar with Olympian's SPSA. Moreover, given the change in the district's LCAP goals, we have been making--and we will continue to make adjustments and revisions--to next year's SPSA so that we are in full alignment with the district's LCAP goals. A new template has been developed and can be viewed at: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-pBrBDiwim5sW84tKmcnPgSUdzlmiDyWaRHHtXNUSbA/edit?usp=sharing

I will continue to work with key stakeholders to ensure that the appropriate action steps are included in our first three goals. If you are interested in participating in this revision process, or if you feel that you can contribute critical feedback particularly to goal #1: Ensure excellence in teaching and learning so each student is prepared to succeed in college and career, do not hesitate to contact Alex Salazar or any administrator. The first draft for our 2016-2017 SPSA will be due on March 16, 2016.

1st Semester Interventions/Upcoming Interventions

1st Semester Interventions varied during semester one for our subgroups at Olympian High: English learners, Low income, and Foster Youth. Often interventions were limited to the English and math departments. During fall break, 10th grade English teacher, Ms. Grove provided interventions for 10th grade students struggling in writing. A report has been included: https://docs.google.com/a/sweetwaterschools.net/presentation/d/1KpLeOCohLdyG7NSdeF6oZ5hth9TX81VI8ntPCNRuJ60/edit?usp=sharing

The math department held three consecutive Saturday Academies with Integrated Math III students that included all subgroups for mastery of a unit exam. A detailed report of that intervention has been included: https://docs.google.com/a/sweetwaterschools.net/document/d/1LVd4jZKiPx_W8gIJnJUMRmiPU2sgd1GdyOO1phH-bHU/edit?usp=sharing

2nd Semester Interventions will include targeted interventions for SBAC testing in English and math. Based on data from the recent SBAC block assessments given in IM3 classes and all English 11 classes, students who scored low, including students from all subgroups, will receive targeted interventions from February 20, 2016 until the actual SBAC testing begins in early April.

Please let me know if you are interested in holding additional interventions for students belonging to one of our subgroups: English learners, Low income, or Foster Youth.

General Information about our Subgroups at Olympian High School

English Learners:

Currently, we have 138 English learners at our school. These are students primarily in Structured English Immersion (SEI) classes and English Language Development (ELD) and/or Academic Language Classes (ALD). This report can be generated via Illuminate through a student search under the tab "Students." This subgroup struggles the most on standardized tests. Last year, 0% of ELs "Met Standards" on SBAC testing.

EL Seniors: 20

EL Juniors: 29

EL Sophomores: 47

EL Freshmen: 42

Low Income formerly known as Socio-Economically Disadvantaged:

As of October 13, 2015 we have 619 students that either receive free or reduced lunch. This information was obtained on PowerSchools. Illuminate has inaccurate Low Income student information. Out of the three subgroups, Low Income students outperform Els and foster youth on standardized testing and have lower D/F rates.

Foster Youth:

This is our smallest subgroup at Olympian High School. We currently have 7 foster youth students. This number often changes month to month as students regularly move from one group home to another. Lily Grossman is the Foster Youth Liaison at our site. Either myself or Mrs. Grossman should have contacted you if you have one of our 7 foster youth students in your class. These students qualify for free off-site tutoring, free transportation, and other resources to help them succeed academically.

Parent Engagement -- School Site Council and English Language Advisory Committee

School Site Council:

The primary function of our school site council is to review, revise, and monitor the progress of our Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA). We meet the first Wednesday of every month, discounting the months of June and July, from 3:00pm - 4:00pm in the college center. All meetings are public, and anyone from the school community is more than welcomed to attend. Our current Chairperson is Ed Vicedo, a parent belonging to our Olympian High School Community.

English Language Advisory Committee

The ELAC functions as an advisory committee relating to matters concerning our English Learners on campus. We meet the second Wednesday of every month, also discounting the months of June and July, from 9:30am - 10:30am in the college center. The meetings are open to the public. Currently, we only have 5 members; thus, we are always looking for interested parents of EL students. If you know of any parent of an English Learner that might be interested please email me: alexander.salazar-arbelaez@sweetwaterschools.org