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App Corner: Three Ring

My favorite new app is ThreeRing. Take pictures of student work and tag them by content area(s). Use your iPad for parent-teacher conferences instead of a folders or a BINDER!

Spring 2014 Trip to Columbia Teacher's College

A bus trip to Columbia Teacher's College is in the works for March 2014. Stay tuned for more information, details to follow.

Teaching Argument Writing Book Study

Argument writing can be difficult to teach, but it may be the most important set of skills we teach in English. According to the National Common Core Standards, by the end of high school, students should be able to write arguments to support claims with clear reason and relevant evidence-and they should be able to do so "well." Designed for middle and high school students, the activities in this book will enable students to "write" strong arguments and "evaluate "the arguments of others. When they are through, students will be able, as the Common Core Standards ask, to "Delineate and evaluate [an] argument and specific claims...including the validity of the reasoning [and] the relevance and sufficiency of the evidence."

Target Audience: English, SPED, or Social Studies teachers, Grades 7-12

(Teachers on the same team are encouraged.)

Dates and Times:

  • Class 1: Oct. 22nd and Nov. 14, 3:45-4:45
  • Class 2: October 29th and Nov. 21st, 3:45-4:45

Place: Howe Teacher Center Conference Room

Teachers receive 2 hours of pay and get to keep a copy of the book.

First Come, First Accepted. Teachers on the same PLC or horizontal teams preferred. Email Colleen Flower if you are interested @

OverDrive is now available!

OverDrive eBooks & AudioBooks are now available. Check below to see participating districts and request login information through your local school librarians.

OverDrive - Capital Region BOCES School Library System

The Teaching Channel

The Teaching Channel has some great resources for teachers. It has been dubbed, 'YouTube for Best Teaching Practices'. Check out a few amazing video clips:

VM Ware Access

Click below for detailed directions on how

to access your teacher H-drive from home:

VM Ware Access for SCSD Teachers

Schedule for 2013-14

The Teacher Center Hours for this calendar year will be:

2:00 - 3:30 pm everyday except Tuesdays. Teachers can access both hot and cold laminating machines in 3 sizes, as well as the die cut machine. Limited construction paper and card stock will be available for teacher use.

Directions to the Schenectady Teacher Center at Howe

Professional Development 2013-14

The Schenectady Teacher Center is pleased to offer several upcoming professional development course this year! Stay tuned for course dates. Topics include courses utilizing professional development titles such as:

Subjects Matter by Harvey Daniels and Steven Zemelman (Inter-Disciplinary)

Thinking Through Genre by Heather Lattimer (ELA)

Teaching Argument Writing by George Hillocks (ELA)

Energize Research, Reading & Writing Core Standards - workshop for Grades 4-8

Thinking about National Board Certification?

Potential National Board Candidates: please remember that the Schenectady Teacher Center supports all candidates seeking National Board Certification. There is equipment available for videotaping and this year the Center will grant candidates one writing day. If you are working on National Boards this year - please let the Teacher Center know so that we can pass along helpful information on occasion. For more information contact the Teacher Center Director, Susie Walsh @ or Dave Bub @

Calling all Schenectady High School Teachers!

Calling all SHS teachers - make sure to stop by the Main Office and pick your copy of 'Teach Like a Champion' by Doug Lemov. This title is being recommended as our faculty book club reading for this school year. This books offers 49 classroom techniques that put students on the path to college. This title has been praised by similar turnaround schools; specifically Brockton Central School District in Massachusetts, a school whose success we have been studying this past year.

Professional Development E-Books Available to all Schenectady Faculty

Access over 90 professional development resources including popular titles such as Teaching with Poverty in Mind, Results Now and Building Background Knowledge for Academic Achievement using this link:

Please email Kristen Majkut @ for the password.

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