Ms. Reed's Super Students!

August 31st-September 4th

Friendly Reminders!

  • Homework is posted online and will be emailed every Monday evening! This week was kept simple. Homework is NOT mandatory but is encouraged for best practice and turned in on any paper you have available. :)
  • Spelling is part of homework and will be sent home in their folders as well as written in their planners every Monday. Tests will be Friday right before lunch and will include an editing test as well.
  • Planners are to be signed EVERY night even if reading is not completed. Again- reading is not required but is highly encouraged. Record the title of the book and how long your child read. I try to pick two students everyday to get their planners signed with a positive note so be sure to look and sign them daily :)
  • Please send family pictures for our safe place wall! The kids love seeing themselves and their loved ones in the classroom. You can send them in any format you like! Printed in black and white, printed in color, photo prints (if you want them back I will make copies and send them home ASAP!) or even email them!
  • Sign up for Class Dojo to be sure and keep up with things your kiddos are receiving points for! :) They love getting points and seeing their little monsters!

This week we learned A LOT!

Math Workshop

  1. Number Talks- Doing mental math
  2. Problem Solving- Recording story problems identifying/applying the best strategy
  3. Workshop: Mini Lesson, Stations/Teacher Table, Share -Determining the value of digits and building them in different formats! Practicing stations and adding new stations. Justifying our answers!
  4. Math Journaling- Putting the mini-lesson to work! Writing about math and recording strategies!

Reader's Workshop

  1. Mini-Lessons- How to book shop, how to use our "Reading Response Journal," Real Reading Vs. Fake Reading
  2. Independent Reading/Teacher Table- practicing our book shopping for "just right" books and recording books we've read, responses to mini lessons and books.
  3. Reflection /Share- The importance of monitoring our comprehension as we read, and tools we can use to ensure comprehension.

Writers Workshop

  1. Mini Lessons- What to do when we get stuck on a word, picture or run out of ideas
  2. Independent Writing/Teacher Conferences- Adding to our "small moments" writing journals, brainstorming writing topics that inspire us
  3. Share and Celebrate- Celebrating our writers and their use of details


Classifying Matter by physical properties! We used gummi bears and balloons today! (thursday)

  1. solids - hard, breakable
  2. liquids - wet, the shape of the object they're inside
  3. gas- hard to see, hard to feel, can smell sometimes

Celebrate Carroll

Friday, Sep. 4th, 7:30pm

4380 Throne Hall Drive

Frisco, TX

Meet us in the cafeteria for an awesome way to wrap a week full of learning! Every friday!

Superkid of the Week!

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Teacher Contact Info

Feel free to contact me anytime and I will get back to you as soon as possible! The best ways are through email, class Dojo (messages work similar to texts), and be sure to check out our Instagram page!
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