Code Of Ethics

By Bryan Boyer


Responsibility is being reliable to others. If you have a task or something to do in a group it's your responsibility to get your part done. Don't let down your group because you didn't do your part that night.
That Thing Called Respect


Respect is a key thing in the world because it goes far when you show someone respect. Respect is being nice,caring and not hurtful to one. If you see someone drop their stuff, help them, that's being respectful. If you're in class, listen to your teacher and don't talk over her.


Being honest can also do a lot of good things in the world because helps others out and yourself. If a friend asks you to hangout on a Saturday night and you lie to them and they find out, you probably wont be friends anymore. If you tell someone their really pretty and they have poop all their face, that person will be looked at different because you said she was pretty.


If you think you cant do something or somethings impossible have courage and prove yourself wrong. Having courage just means to do something that you haven't done before and you're scared of. Being able to accomplish new things in life you haven't tried before.


Is when you understand that you have privacy and you have laws. What you have is personal. you dont have to show anyone else besides you. Its yours no one else.
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