6th and 8th Grade Math

With Ms. Watkins

March 18 2016

Office Hours (math help after school)

Monday's 3:15-4:00 in room 403 with Ms. Watkins

Tuesday's 3:15-4:00 in room 320 with Mrs. Salgado

Wednesday's 3:15-4:00 in room 401 with Miss. Brockman

This is a time when students may come in and begin their homework, work on reassessment, or just receive additional help with math. All middle school students are welcome to come to either or both office hours.


  1. Work on math material first.
  2. Keep voices down so that everyone can focus on their own material.
  3. If a student wants or needs a snack, it must be nut free.

Middle School Math Reassessment Policy

If your child wishes to reassess in Math they must meet with their teacher before or after school within one week of receiving the assessment in the red folder. For example, if red folders are sent home on Friday, your child has until the following Friday to meet with me. During this meeting your child will develop an individual plan with me to determine how they will be reassessed. Reassessments must be completed within one week of meeting with me.

6th Grade Math

We began the week with the last new topic from chapter 8: Volume. Because it was also pi day (3.14) at the end of the lesson students were able to watch a video where someone used pies to calculate pie. Tuesday I was not at school so students were given practice worksheets on the volume and surface area of cubes, rectangular, and triangular prisms, and cylinders. Wednesday students began their chapter 9 project. Students began by calculating the surface area and volume of 4 angry birds. From there they began to create a diorama to house their angry birds. As an added challenge if they made a platform that is earthquake proof they can demonstrate advanced understanding of using problem solving strategies (they learned about this earlier in the year in science class so they were able to build on previous understandings from that class). They continued to work on the project for Thursday and Friday's classes. Many groups were able to turn in their projects at the end of the day on Friday. For groups that didn't complete the project they will have to use some of Monday's review time to finish it.

Next week we will review on Monday and Tuesday to prepare for the chapter 8 test. Monday we will spend time talking about the warm-ups from the last few weeks. Tuesday I will begin class with a question and answer time on material from the study guide. Wednesday students will be taking the test and in the second half of class we will find out whose structures can withstand an earthquake. On Thursday I will talk about graphing on the coordinate plane. If your child will not be here for one or more days next week please let me know so that I can give them the material for the day's they will miss and as needed have them take their test on Monday or Tuesday.

There have been several times that I assign watching a video as part of the homework. This will continue throughout the year. I have talked with the class about the importance of watching the video and taking notes. If your child is having trouble accessing the video please arrange for them to come to school right at 7:40 so that they can watch it in my room on one of the school computers.

8th Grade Accelerated Pace

We began pi day (3.14) with a quiz on 9.1-9.4 and then followed it up with a lesson on factoring trinomials whose leading coefficient is not 1 (ax^2+bx+c). Tuesday I was not at school so students were given practice worksheets with factoring trinomials in class. Wednesday we talked about factoring special cases and factoring by grouping. Thursday we continued to talk about factoring by grouping and began review for the chapter 9 test. Friday I began class with a question and answer time about questions from the homework or study guide.

Next week we will begin with the chapter 9 test on Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday will be focused on graphing quadratic equations. Thursday we will talk about solving quadratic equations using graphs and square roots. Students will be given (if they want it) an individualized review/preview packet to use over break to prepare for their math placement test. Students will be giving me the topics that they would like to have information and practice with on Monday so that their packets will be ready for them by Thursday.

There will be several times that a video will be assigned as part or all of the homework for the rest of this year. If your child is having difficulty accessing or watching the videos please arrange for them to come to school right at 7:40 so that they can watch it in my room or in their homeroom on one of the school computers.