The Mayans

Blake Collins

Mayan Culture

The Mayans really liked corn, they even shaped their heads like corn. They have a way of doing this though, it starts when you are a baby, they put your head of this wooden tool that slopes your forehead, it is common that the child will die during this procedure. The Mayans also do human sacrifices as well, they take the person to the top of a pyramid and kill them so the gods will be pleased. The Mayans are obviously polytheistic.

Mayan Intelligence

It turns out the Mayans may shape their heads like corn, but they are quite smart. The Mayans developed a calendar system, a writing system, and astronomy. You would think that since they thunk that killing their own people to please their gods would not be very smart, but they are.
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Mayan Architecture

The Mayans obviously built really good buildings because most of them are still holding up today. In fact, you can even go visit the Mayan Ruins today. The Mayans created their buildings out of stone without any cement to hold it together. They built their houses all around each other as well. Personally, i think that it is pretty impressing that their buildings are still holding together.
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Mayan Farming

The Mayans mainly used the " slash and burn" technology of farming. This type of farming is when you grow your crops, harvest your crops, burn the farming area, and then do it all over again. The Mayans grew corn, beans, and more.
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Mayan Abandoning

In about A.D 300+900 for a very unknown reason the Mayans left their civilizations. Some people think that it was because of aliens, some people think it was because of lack of food or water, like i said, no one really knows.
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