Wild Weather at Home

Remote Learning for March 19, 2021

Let's learn about weather!

Today is a remote learning day, and you will be learning from home. We want you to enjoy this almost spring day by learning about weather, listening to some great stories, and having fun exploring some weather-related activities. You will need the supplies we sent home Thursday to complete today's activities (see below). If you need materials, please come by our office.

There are three activities and read alouds for students at each grade level. All activities are linked up here, but this page will also be available in Google Classroom and SeeSaw.

We'd love to see what you find in your explorations today. Please share your creations with your teachers through ClassDoJo or email. Have fun learning from home! See you on Monday!

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Severe Weather: Crash Course Kids #28.2

Pre-K-2nd Grade Activities

Activity 2 -- What is the water cycle?

Activity 3 -- Tell the story of Ryan the Raindrop!

Materials needed: plastic cup containing six beads, pipe cleaner, Ryan the Raindrop story (on small white sheet of paper in bag).

1. Remove pipe cleaner and straighten it. Then bend one end at 90 degrees.

2. Read (or have an adult read to you) the Ryan the Raindrop story, and place the corresponding bead on the pipe cleaner for each step.

  • Light blue (Ryan fell from the sky) onto the grass (green).
  • Ryan got collected into a puddle (dark blue).
  • The sun (yellow bead) came out and heated up the collected rain, and Ryan turned into vapor/evaporated (clear bead).
  • The vapor condensed in the cloud (white bead) Ryan came down as precipitation again!

3. When all beads are on your wristband, cut the pipe cleaner to fit your wrist when twisted.

4. Practice telling the steps to the water cycle with the beads on your wristband!

Water Cycle - Blazer Fresh | Science Video | GoNoodle

Activity 1 -- What causes thunder and lightning?

1. Watch this video about what causes thunder and lightning.

2. Make your own water cycle wristband. Click here for directions.

3. Listen to someone read aloud Thundercake by Patricia Polacco.

Activity 2 -- What is a tornado?

1. Watch this video about tornados.

2. Listen to someone read aloud the book Tornado Alert by Franklyn M. Branley.

3. Make a windsock using your materials. Click here for directions.

Activity 3 -- Read about some very EXTREME weather.

Click below to learn how to handle a tornado drill in the library!

Severe Weather Information for Media