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Human Resources Department- February 2019

Greetings from the HR Team!

This month's HR newsletter will provide information regarding loan forgiveness, hiring updates and a few friendly reminders. Thank you for being a part of the SPS team!

-- Dr. Liz Cooper, Director of Human Resources.

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Loan Forgiveness- GotZoom

As you know, student loan debt can be a terrific financial burden. To help alleviate this burden, Springfield Public Schools has partnered with GotZoom, a company that specializes in helping federal student loan holders receive loan reducing subsidies and ensures that these loan holders are properly enrolled in loan forgiveness programs. During the past 7 years, GotZoom have successfully reduced student loan debt for their clients by an average of 65%.

GotZoom can provide you with a summary analysis of how your current loan situation might be improved, and they will do this free of charge. After review of the analysis, you can decide whether you wish to engage GotZoom’s services to assist with loan restructuring or forgiveness, if applicable. Here is a link to a short educational video and a path to getting your free Loan Benefit Summary. https://essources.com/sps-district-employees/

- Penney Rector, Chief of Human Resources

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TalentEd for Employees

TalentEd now serves as our job posting/application software (TalentEd Recruit/Hire) as well as a software to include "records" for our employees (TalentEd Records).

TalentEd Recruit/Hire-

TalentEd Records-

Log In and use the same username & password you use to log into your computer (without the @spsmail.org).

Contracts, letters of appointment, etc. will now be issued through TalentEd Records. Administrative contracts will be sent to eligible employees in February. Probationary teacher contracts will be sent in April. Employees will receive an email notification when a contract or letter has been submitted in TalentEd. Employees also can utilize TalentEd Records to submit their "Notice of Separation" (letter of resignation, retirement or leave of absence- after LOA paperwork has been submitted and Board approved). Video: Locate/Complete: Notice of Separation form.

As we begin implementing TalentEd Records now and in the future, more forms will be added to Records for employees to utilize to increase efficiencies and provide documentation of paperwork submitted for HR and Payroll purposes.

Meet Your HR Employment Coordinators!

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From Left to Right: Victoria Ramsey (Certified- Secondary & Administrative; Athletic Coaches- High School), Allyson Peters (Certified- Early Childhood/Elem.), Debbie Rion (Classified- Admin. Assistants, Transportation, Custodial/Maintenance, Gameworkers, etc.) & Ryan Morris (Classified- Paraprofessionals, Health Services, Nutrition Services, Athletic Coaches- Middle Schools, etc.)
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Early Incentive Notice Reminder- March 1st Deadline (for eligible employees)

Springfield Public Schools is dedicated to retain and recruit the best teachers and leaders for all of our students throughout the system. As part of our Strategic Plan, Focus 2, Goal 1: To create a culture that empowers employees and provides each student access to a qualified and effective teacher in every classroom, an effective principal in every school and an effective employee in every position, we want to show our appreciation to those who notify the district as early as possible about their intent to retire or resign. We greatly value our educators who teach our students every day; however, if we are going to lose you to, we would like to find the best fit for our students in a timely manner. We would like to have an advantage of securing the top available education talent and are committed to retaining and continuing to hire the best. For a fourth year in a row, we are offering an “Early Notification Incentive” for those in a school-based position which requires a teaching or administrative certification- teachers and principals who submit their separation notice early as listed below. The letter of separation would be active at the end of the employee’s 2018-2019 contract.

Eligible employees will be provided an opportunity to receive a:

  • $1000 Early Notification Incentive if declared in writing to Human Resources by Friday, January 4, 2019.- Completed
  • $750 Early Notification Incentive if declared in writing to Human Resources between Saturday, January 5- Friday, February 1, 2019.- Completed
  • $500 Early Notification Incentive if declared in writing to Human Resources between Saturday, February 2- Friday, March 1, 2019. - In Progress

All notices must be in writing and accompany the attached Early Notification Incentive form. Resignations/Retirements & Early Incentives should be submitted electronically through TalentEd Records- please see above. Employees may also send it directly to Human Resources at humanresources@spsmail.org or via interoffice mail (blue bag) to: Attention: KAC/HR Services.

Our goal is to increase the likelihood of hiring highly qualified candidates by making hiring decisions as early as possible. The goal is not to increase the number of retirements or resignations. We strive to continue to have the very best for our school community. If you have any specific questions, please contact Human Resources at 523-4647.