VCR Lesson 3 Presentation

Fill in the Blank

The ______ contained thousands upon thousands of books.
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The Definition


n. (can be used in the singular or plural)

The collected records of an organization, institution, or public person. (Archives can also refer to the place in which such records are stored.

Other Forms


adj. Of, relating to, contained in, suitable for, or constituting archives.


n. A person who maintains and is in charge of archives.


  • Records
  • Annals
  • Chronicles


  • No real antonyms

Choose the sentence in which the word in bold is used incorrectly.

A. The Library of Alexandria was an archive of information that was burned to the ground.

B. I have an archive of classes that I have to do homework for.

C. The internet is full of various archives with massive amounts of data on them.

D. The US keeps an archive of all bills that are passed and presented in congress.