Industrial Revolution Inventions

By: Dalton Sigmon


Who: WIlbur and Orville Wright were the makers of airplanes.

What: Its a flying machine.

When: This was made in 1903.

Where: The first flight was in kitty hawk.

Why: For flying, People dreamed of flying.


Who: Alexander Graham Bell

What: A devise made to contact people by calling them.

When: It was made during the 1870s.

Where: At his parents house near brantford.

Why: A easier way to contact people.

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Who: Robert Fulton

What: A boat that ran through a steam engine.

When: It was made in 1807.

Where:It was first used on the hudson river

Why: So you could without paddling.

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Who: Samuel Morse

What: Something to contact people over long distences.

When: 1830s and 1840s

Where: New York City

Why: So you could get messages to people over the ocean.

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Who: Thomas Edison

What: Power to run things without manually doing it.

When: Through 1819 and 1820

Where: Ohio

Why: So you could use use things without powering them yourself.

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