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What are the ways you learn best? Online videos have been a rich source of learning for me that I really enjoy. In this week's edition Tech. News I'll be sharing how to find and collect videos for your classroom and a Tech. Tip I learned this week. Below is a link to some of the best collections I've found on the Internet for you to try. Also see the tips and tricks to help you with using and sharing videos with students.
Video Collections you can use

I've put together some of the very best video collections on the web for you to use in your classroom. I'm working on a sheet with descriptions of these collections for you.

How to Create and Share Youtube Playlists

Putting together collections of YouTube videos can be a good way to provide students with videos related to units of study in your classroom. The easiest way to do this is to create YouTube playlists. This video will show you how.

View Pure example - a "pure view" of Youtube videos

ViewPure is a service that allows you to watch YouTube videos without comments, ads, related videos, or any other distractions. is the place to go to do this.

5 Tools for Sharing Portions of Videos

I often enjoy sharing portions of videos with others. Here are some effective ways of doing that. I like to use Tubechop, but would like to use Libby, Edpuzzle, Zaption, etc.

Tech. Tip of the Week - Having your email links open in Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer (WIndows)

I've heard from several teachers that they would like web links in their Outlook email to open in Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer. P.S. If you haven't been using Google Chrome, make the switch today. There are many advantages that I'll share another time. So here goes!

1. On your computer, click the "Start" menu (bottom left on your screen). Type "Default Programs" in the "Search Programs and Files" box and press the "Enter" key.

2. Click on "Set Your Default Programs"

3. In the list of list of applications select "Google Chrome", and click on the "Set this program as default" button on the right.

4. Click "OK" and you're done! Test it out by clicking a link in your email.


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