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Were Stronger Together 1/19/16

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Week at a Glance

This Week:

  • Short Student Week


  • MLKJ Holiday


  • PLCs
  • Todd @ FHES


  • PLCs

  • End of Second 9-Week Grading Period


  • GCS PD for Teachers

  • FHES Workday


  • FHES Workday - Finish Grades Today

Coming Later in the Month:

January 25

Grades Due 4pm

January 28

Report Cards Distributed

Rescheduled Staff Meeting w/ District

Feb 1

Ned Show @ 9am

Feb 3

5th Grade Meteorologist

Feb 8-12

School Bus Drivers Appreciation Week

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Old As Dirt

Staff last week was a great week for our students as learners. They really kicked it up a notch.

First example is from Team Cissel. As promised Dot Cherry our Gastonia Area Representative on the Gaston County School Board stopped by to say thanks to Mrs. Cissel's class for the photo that was presented to her at our last school board meeting by Tyler Om. All members received a photo like the one featured about mid-way in the video below. She chatted with the students for several minutes. Told the story about how when she was in grade school the class photos were in black and white and that stated she is "Old as Dirt". One of Team Cissel's superstars yelled out, "that's a simile". She was intrigued by the depth of knowledge they shared and the friendliness of the students. They talked together about the class study of poetry, similes and metaphors. Ms. Cherry even delivered a bag of candy as a thank you. When leaving she spoke about loving our kids and school, but what she didn't know is the impact her visit had on the class.

They quickly prepared a short video to show their appreciation and share that the conversations with her on simile and metaphors was meaningful. Watch below to see how their understanding of the topic was transformed into a video.

Not Really Old As Dirt

Dr. Goins Intentional Read Aloud

On Thursday Dr. Goins delivered an intentional read aloud to Mrs. Maurer and Mrs. Beckham's classes. She demonstrated this skill to our K-3 grade teachers. The grand prize was not the lesson by Dr. Goins even though it was brilliant; it was found in the the reaction of our children. Five and Six year-olds, then later seven and eight year-olds sat on the carpet engaged for a full 50+ minutes of instruction. There was no behavior or off task behaviors. Those kiddos were 100% on with this lesson. They answered higher level thinking questions in complete sentences and took an amazing picture walk. The "picture walk" proved to serve as a powerful tool to stir some interest in both the story and in the read-aloud session. Not only can it encourage the children's participation in group discussion, but it can also improve their comprehension of the story. This happens by building a visual that helps stir their imaginations and help them weave an intellectual frame of reference for better organizing and evaluating what they hear as the teacher read the actual story.

Dr. Goins proved that our Forest Heights Students CAN and WILL step up and meet the standards if we require them to via our more rigorous instruction. Congratulations to both classes and their teachers for giving us an audience to observe.

Vocabulary used for these children:

  • Focus Word: Mammoth
  • Observe
  • Big
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