The Selection

By: Kiera Cass

Short Story

In this country they have a caste, One being a royal and eight being a homeless person. America has been chosen to join The Selection. The Selection is where thirty-five girls fight to win the heart of the next king. Entering the Selection you get to stay at the palace until you're eliminated, fun right! America was convinced by her mother to join, for her family needed the money that they give because you participated. At first she yells and screams at the prince the first night blaming him for "caging her", because these girls can't even go outside without the permission of the prince! As the book continues she wins the prince over, he has fallen head over heals for her. Until something surprisingly comes back, will she still stay with Maxon the prince, or will this new thing come back and make her change her mind. Find out by reading the book. This is a series book the next book is the Elite.


This book is very romantic but funny all the same. The first night she wants to go outside feeling the palace is a cage and since the prince let her out, and went out to check on her she starting blaming him for caging him. She admits to screaming at the prince and calling him names to the whole country on television! This book is an amazing book to read, because America, the girl, stands up to the law and changes a few things in the country. The king despised America because of how she stands up to him and the law.


Texts and Graghics

I chose the picture for America's character because she is a strong willed person, and the pictures resemble that. The picture for Maxon represents how he has a huge responsibility for the next king, so I chose the picture of a crown to represent that. The picture of the couple represents how a perfect couple the king and queen are because the queen is quiet and the king is demanding and loud. I chose the cover of the book as a picture because it's the cover of the book.