Complex & Simple Learning Activity

8th Grade Georgia History (Getting to Know You)

Complex Activity (Getting to Know You)

With the upcoming holidays fast approaching, we as educators might be excited, but there is no way we could possibly ever match the excitement the students are feeling. It seems the closer and closer we get to break the less the kids pay attention. You could give them $20 to pay attention and I don't believe that would still work. This activity can easily be spread out into a class period and keep them busy. Trust me they will be so excited to pull out their phones!

1) Pick maybe 20 or so Georgia natives. Go to a QR generator I used ( or Getting it set up is super easy! when the students take scan the QR code it immediately takes them to the website you want them to see. The idea is for them to be taken to a biography of a Georgian and they will be in charge of their own learning.

2) Create an activity page for them to do and gets them to actually read the biographies and answer a question about the person. You can make the questions as complex or simple.

3) To get the students started have them download the free QR scanner. It is available to both iPhones and Android. If you are worried that not every student has a phone then divide the students up so every group has a phone to use. This activity is also not limited to phones because the QR scanner works on iPods or iPads.

4) Leave about 10 minutes left in class so students have enough time to finish the bell ringer. The students should be busy scanning, reading, and filling out their activity page.

Simple Activity (Getting to Know You)

If you have a google account this bell ringer will be very easy to set up. To help bring the entire activity to a close and give you a quick participation grade you can create a google form. With these google forms you can make up multiple choice questions or short answer. Create a google form that has a question pertaining to every Georgian you had the students research. You will need to put the form website on the board so they can access the form on their devices. If you had the students work in groups there is an option for students names, so maybe have them put their group number instead. When the students complete the form a new screen will pop up when they submit it that tells them it is complete. Have them take a screen shot of the completed message and they can show you it on the way out of the door. Don't worry about if you don't get everyones screen shots, because on the google form entry summary you will have a record of all the completed ones.