Special Offer for CCS Families!

Receive $50 off an assessment AND a brick in your name!

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LearningRx & Charlottesville Catholic School Team Up!

LearningRx, Charlottesville's premier brain training center, has teamed up with CCS in support of their capital campaign!

The first 20 CCS family members to call us and mention the brick campaign will receive a cognitive assessment for $50 off the regular price of $249. In addition, LearningRx will purchase a 4" x 8" red brick on your behalf for each assessment, to be engraved as you choose! If you've been thinking about scheduling a cognitive assessment with us, now is a great time to do it!

We all want thinking and learning to come easily to our children. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Even one weak brain skill can make aspects of learning difficult and frustrating. Cognitive skills are the bricks that build a strong educational foundation!

Our Cognitive Assessment is the first piece in the LearningRx puzzle. It allows us to single out and identify the strengths and weaknesses in a child or adult's cognitive profile. We're looking at skills like memory, processing speed, logic and reasoning, and visual and auditory processing. Once we determine what the weaker skills are, we know what can be done to make learning, thinking, and living, easier, faster, and more enjoyable!

For athletes, a cognitive assessment can be a good idea as well. Establishing a cognitive baseline now will give you important information later in case of concussion or other injury.

Don't miss out on this great opportunity to inform yourself about your or your loved one's cognitive profile while also helping CCS grow and thrive! Testing takes just an hour an a half. Call us at (434) 220-7475 or email us at charlottesville.va@learningrx.net to schedule your appointment!

What our Recent Graduates have to say:

From the godmother of 13 year-old ReadRx student:

The results produced are amazing. This is a kid that at 12 years old had a jail cell looming in his future. He is now considered by his teachers and coaches to be a leader. He has confidence, he knows what success is like, he has dreams. He is not afraid of hard work. He knows if he wants something and is determined and willing to work he can have anything. It is all just amazing. Thank you for your partnership. You not only saved Franklin but you changed a family.

From the mother of a 9 year-old ReadRx Student

We have seen Cierra's confidence in herself and her abilities increase two-fold as well as her abilities to process faster and read more fluently.

From the mother of a 14 year-old ThinkRx student:

I feel like the program was executed as it was said to do. The instructor was great for my son. He is more confident than when he began. My son is better able to complete his homework without the resistance. He will study better and more efficiently for tests and quizzes. It (his medication) has not changed, but I believe it could be reduced or eliminated.

We are LearningRx

We are LearningRx and we do brain training! We specialize in one-on-one cognitive development for kids and adults with learning and reading struggles. Our programs help students, career adults, seniors, and even accident victims strengthen the underlying cognitive skills that determine how well they think, learn, read, and succeed.