Abraham Lincoln

Megan Duprey

During his presidency Abe made many contributions to ending slavery.


Born on February 12, 1809 near Hodgenville Kentucky.

he died on April 14, 1865, Abe went to a play at Ford thetre in Washington. During the play John Wilks booth shot Abe in the back of the head, he was then carried across the street to a house across the street, where he died the next morning.


Dad was Thomas Lincoln, his mom was Nacy Lincoln, and abe had one sister named Sarah Lincoln. abe didnt get to do much as a child he mostly just help his dad find fertile land for farming.


Abe had less than a year of formal education, but he read as many books as he could get his hands on. when he grew up he decide to study law but unfortunately they didn't have law schools back then so abe studied himself.

important life event

Lincoln had 4 kids

he was nominated president in 1860

he married mary todd in 1842

He purchased a store in New Salem

Jackson appoints Lincoln as New Salem post master


Becoming President

Trying to end slavery

Civil war movement

Contributions to change

Abe wanted to end slavery so he fought for blacks to be free. The civil war started and Lincoln fought against the south.The north was against slavery and the south was for it.

interesting facts

Lincoln loves animals

he never belonged to a religion

he didn't drink smoke or chew

Didn't have a middle name

Hated being called Abe

Lincoln made Thanksgiving a national Holiday

Abe loved to eat oysters

his cat eats at the white house table

Abe kept important Documents in his hat

His coffin has been opened 5 times


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