Anxiety and Depression

What causes these mental disorders? How are they linked?

Depression Definition:

A mood disorder causing a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest

Anxiety Definition:

A disorder where the person's worry and fear are constant and overwhelming, and can be crippling.

What causes these disorders?

Most of the time depression is caused by an event that has happened in ones life. It is usually an unfortunate event that can then cause them to thing in a different way than someone without depression thinks. Over time if they are depressed long enough it can change the way they think about the world and cause them to develop other disorders as well. Anxiety can be caused as a result to depression, but it can also be on its own. The fear of being around people, talking at all, or even just being by yourself and scared for future events are all examples of things that are results of someone with an anxiety disorder. These people always want to be able to do things with their friends or family, but physically and mentally can't because of their disorder.

How are these two disorders linked?

Both of these disorders can be separate, but more than likely they are almost always linked. Depression can cause a person to develop anxiety due to the fact of how their mind works and how they think. If they tell themselves that they are scared of the future enough then that can turn into being scared of everything all the time. Yes, everyone is scared of the future, but this it to the extreme. When a person is depressed they don't have any energy, they aren't interested in anything like they used to be. Having anxiety is wanting to do those things and being interested in those things but the person physically can't because their mind keeps telling them "No." over and over again. But having both is the most awful thing in the entire world. No matter how bad or evil a person is they sure as heck don't deserve to have both of those disorders. No human/person should ever have to feel that way.