About Me

Cyrus Exum

3 Of My Favorite Belongings

One of my most important belongings is my Holton T32 trumpet, although I prefer other instruments this was my first. Another one of my important belonging is my greenhouse, for obvious reasons I could not grow half of my exotic plants without it. My third most important belonging is my Selmer Eb alto saxophone, I don't have much to say about it other than one word...sexy...

Favorite Smell

My favorite smell is a band room, preferably a high school band room. It's very odd to say but the smell of valve oil, new reeds, and school spirit reminds me of home...although...the band room is my home...
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3 Words to Describe Myself

Three words I would use to describe myself are musical, crazy, and fabulous. I am obviously musical due to the abundance of instruments I own and songs I have written, also I am in 5 bands currently. Crazy is a very common word used to describe me because I am pretty much the definition of crazy. Fabulous describes me because...I have a amazing mustache and great hairthat is like as fabulous as It can get.

2 Interesting/Favorite People

Two very interesting if not favorite people in my life would be John Philip Sousa and Freddie Mercury. Both of these people are dead but that does not prevent them from making a impact or being part of my life in any way. For instance John Philip Sousa wrote over 300 marches, my favorite style of classical music in marches and his devotion to the musical world is what inspired me to write music. Freddie Mercury is a interesting person in my life because his attitude in expressing music was unlike anyone else. The fact that he could get away with making a #1 hit in a time of being in debt and having aids reminds me that you can turn the ugliest situation beautiful.

Funny Memory

Well the truth is most of the funniest memories in school revolve around the band room for me, the hard part is finding a band joke that is school appropriate. Probably the funniest thing that has happened so far was in gulf high school having after school practice with my friend William with the Henry Fletcher Community band, we where playing The Waltzing Cat by Lerroy Anderson. At around the 70th measure it required us to bark like dogs...it is very hard to watch grown men in there 60's all college graduates and some are music professors all bark like dogs.

Inspirational Quote

Remember always that the composer's pen is still mightier than the bow of the violinist; in you lie all the possibilities of the creation of beauty.

~ John Philip Sousa

Motto For This Year

Heatstroke is a sign of achieving your goal.

I repeat this to myself in marching band so I don't die.

5 Favorite Songs

Being a music writer and band member you learn to appreciate most kinds of music...except nirvana and country...my Five favorite songs in order from favorite to least is The Stars and Stripes Forever by John Philip Sousa, Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, Rolling Thunder by Henry Fillmore, Entry of The Gladiators (or Thunder and Blazes depending on the arrangement) by Julius Fucik, and Maxwells Silver Hammer/Penny Lane tie for fifth by The Beatles.

5 Goals For My Life

5 goals for my life is a weird thing to talk about...I don't have very many goals, I'd start with not getting into trouble at least until I'm done getting a degree. Other goals would be going to Ohio state, becoming a famous composer, having a instrument repair shop, and my final goal is to not die until I am at a rather logical dying age (over 90).

Biggest News Story of 2000

One of the biggest news story of 2000 was mad cow disease making the Europeans go coo coo for coco puffs...because before touch screen technology nothing exciting was going on.