-Found in Australia

-Lives in eucalyptus trees

-Relatives of the kangaroo

Food chain and habitat

-Koalas spend most of their lives in eucalyptus trees.

-Koalas are very picky when it comes to finding the right tree.

-A koalas only diet is eucalyptus leaves.

-Koalas stay in eucalyptus trees to stay safe from predators below.


-Koalas grow their fur long or short depending on the climate they're located in.

-Koalas have develop strong muscles from climbing eucalyptus trees.

-Koalas spend 20 hours a day sleeping and spends the rest of their hours eating.

-Koalas are nocturnal.

-Koalas have thumbs.

Reasons For Endangerment





Critical Information

-No one should hunt for Koalas.

-Koalas are not bears, they are called "koala bears" because of their bear-like appearance.

-If you see a Koala, do not touch it. Leave him/her alone.

-Eating koala meat is wrong.