US History Now

By: Michael Huzzey


Political effects: Some of the goveners of states in the U.S. were vary progresive and They began to fight for reforms. I'm proud of these goveners for being brave enough to fight for the reforms that they did.

Economic: At this time strikes began to break out in cites all over the U.S. The fact that this happend caused companys all over the U.S to loose money. The workers had to be very brave to stand up and strike for change to happen. I a'm very proud that they did what they did.

Social/Cultural: Also during this time many people began to fight for class equality. I am very proud that they did this.


Political: The chineas exclution act is one of the worst acts to be passed on imigrants coming to the U.S. I am ashamed that the U.S. was so crule to these imigrants to not alow them to settle in our country.

Economic: Imigrants provided a great work force and helped to increas the amount of work in the U.S.

Social/ Cultural: I find it imbarising that the old imigants and original U.S. sitizens treated new imigrants so poorly.


Political: During the age of imperialism the U.S. clamed new taritory and further expanded its borders. The us did this in such a way that makes me proud.

Economic: With the expansion of its borders the U.S. was capible of new trade with forein countrys.

Social/ Cultural: America spain out of the caribian during the spanish-american war. america did this to protect its borders and to help cuba gain independence.I beleav these actions were nesisary.


Political: After trying to stay a newtral country and away from conflict, Amereica was thrown into the war with the alies. I'm proud that amereica decided to join the war and help those countrys that needed help.

Economic: During WWI the U.S. mass prodused many wepons and other things to aid in the war cause. One of the main things they helped to produce were war ships.

Social/ Cultural: Unarmed U.S. ships were sunk as a result of the war. this killed 36 inocent people. This caused tention between the U.S. and Germany.


Political: Due to high populations in cites, the amount of crime became a real problem and was to much for small police forces to take care of.

Economic: Fires caused by the lack of water in the cites due to the large population, Caused damage that cost millions of dollars of damage.

Social/ Cultural: With so many people moving to the cites, overpopulation became a big problem. People were ether forced to live on the outscerts where transportation was a problem, or be cramped in a small appartment with up to 12 people.


Political: When the U.S. hit the industrial revolution, It made a name for it's self as an industrial power. This lead countries to see it as a powerful ally.

Economic: The U.S. made lots of money during this time by trading it's new found products with other countries.

Social/ Cultural: During the industrial era new jobs for all kinds of people became available. These jobs included mining for iron, working at steel mills, and building the railroads.